Dancing between solidity and abstraction, Chicago's Faux Furrs tune into colorful dimensions of their weird world led by songwriter Ryan Deffet. From playing basement shows and large stages alike, the group has evolved over the years into a peculiar organism.

Genre influences, extending from rock roots to neo-psychedelia and electronic music, paired with thoughtful lyricism let FAUX FURRS paint a sonic mural, where earthy foundations pulsate with rippling neon outlines. Their flavor is a natural mixture of gentle and biting guitars laid across spacious synthesizers, all held up by tight rhythm and then smoothed out with light vocal harmonies.

From an upbringing in the simple garage-flavored psyche of Chicago's underground music scene, the band has continued to venture to further reaches of musical expression. Performing in bigger spaces and building up their craft in which to travel the rolling waves.

The group's last physical release was in late 2018 with their EP Canopy, released by Dumpster Tapes (Cut Worms, Cafe Racer, Bunny).
They have made ventures on the road to tour and play mid-tier festivals like SXSW, DZ fest, and Postock (curated by Ohmme), and have shared bills with larger touring acts, such as Deep Sea Diver, Sugar Candy Mountain, No Vacation, Okey Dokey, Dreamgirl, and Saint Pé among others.

Now, in the trying times of this global pandemic, The group is working on a new full length release for 2021, set to be their most honest and explorative piece yet.